Thursday, April 28, 2011

A year long focus

As previously noted, we have changed our focus for our project. Earlier this year, we looked at research focused on the importance of early exposure and an intense focus on writing. Since then we have done more whole group lessons focused on rhyming throughout the year instead of one condensed unit. After a midyear assessment, we have been pulling small intervention groups focused on rhyming.
Because of this intervention and continued focus, I have seen great improvements. I have also noticed a few things about my learners. Second language learners in particular. So often when we start whole group rhyming activities, we begin with pictures of vocabulary words that are over the second language learners heads. I found it so helpful to familiarize them with the vocab before the activities.
We found several smart board activities on smart exchange. Many give one word and a whole long list of others to weed through to find the rhyming match. For these learners who are still struggling with this task, it helped to narrow it down to two choices instead of a long list. These were little things but they have helped.
Soon, I want to do a repeat of the midyear assessment we did to see what effect these activities have had. I think we will see great improvements in these children.