Monday, November 8, 2010


As a username, I have chosen Lily as in Lily the mouse from the wonderful Kevin Henkes books. I'm hoping to create chatterboxes in our classroom, just like Lily:) I am very excited about this focused study we are doing.
As stated above, we are all looking at the development of our students oral language skills this year, hoping to improve their communication with their peers and teachers. We also hope this will improve their storytelling in writing and reading.
My focus will be answering wh questions. To begin, I will take a small group and study how they are currently answering these questions. Are they giving one to two word answers, sentences and phrases, or are they completely off topic. Then I will take this data, and plan ways we can increase the length of our answers, or stay on topic.
I look forward to seeing progress! More to come later.

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