Monday, November 15, 2010

Places to encourage oral language development

On the way to work today I found myself thinking about the Chatterbox Project and all the different places embedded in the day where we can work with our children to improve/enhance/practice their oral language.

  • Morning work, unpack, routines, initial welcome into the classroom
  • Morning meeting- giving a structured script of how to formally greet someone, encouraging eye contact
  • Writing Workshop- Oral story telling, listening to retelling of their written stories
  • Reading Workshop- Discussing and retelling stories
  • Snack- Scaffolding how they chat with their peers and with us
  • Math- coaching how they play math games, faciliate turn-taking, and encouraging them to explain their thinking using full sentences
  • Science/Social Studies- encouraging full sentences, retelling of events and facts, teaching vocabulary
  • Free play/recess- encouraging peer conversation, teaching and encouraging them to practice using vocabulary, prompting positive social interactions.

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