Monday, March 14, 2011

new focus

Today two of us met to discuss our Chatterbox Project. We decided to create a new focus for our blog. We are going to look at our kiddos' rhyming abilities. We recently gave a rhyming common assessment to our students, so we figured we would use the data from that assessment as a starting point for this project. The assessment gave us some great information about our kids' abilities to create rhymes and identify rhymes.
We decided to use a variety of rhyming lessons with our students over the next few weeks, and then assess our students again on rhyming right before spring break. Hopefully our lessons will help them to improve in this area!
We decided to use the SmartBoard for our rhyming lessons this week. The kids love using the SmartBoard, so hopefully they will be engaged and excited about the lessons.
Please stay tuned to find out how it's going!

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